Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I've fallen in love honestly so I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve

"Just tell me you're doing okay. I can't help but think of you everyday and I know that it's hard when I'm miles away. But I know we'll be together some day. Fall is gone, winter is here. I spent all December just wanting you near. So I'm singing these words in the hope that you'll hear. You're the best thing that happened this year. I've fallen in love honestly so I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve. In the hope that these notes and the words that I sing make you see, you mean more than the world does to me."

That entire song describes how I feel about you. And I feel so stupid blogging about you all the time. But you're the only thing on my mind, and you're one of the only problems I have in my life. Even though you're hardly in my life at all anymore. I really do miss you.
I want you to know that this is you Im talking about right now. I know it wont do any good. You dont care about me. Im sure of it. And if you did know it was you, Im sure it wouldnt affect you in any way. And things would continue to go on the way they are right now.

On the good side, I finish Catcher In The Rye! [: And I found my iPod, I downloaded all my music again, plus some. So Im not in a totally bad mood. And I need some new awesome music to listen to.
Bring me to a PlayRadioPlay! concert and I'll love you forever, no joke. I really hope I can go to one of the three tour dates somewhat near.
Owl City and Unicorn Kid in September! For a 'few days late' birthday present from Abigail and Chelese. Yessss. I cant wait. Even though it's at Rocketown. I'll get over it just for Owl City. ahaha.
I have two weeks at home until I leave for Canada (July 11th) with absolutely nothing to do. Please change that [:

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