Thursday, December 10, 2009

One year.

January: Courteney, Alexis, photos, guitars, blue skies, Nicholette, the Disney store, Chuck E. Cheese, fortune cookies, writing.
February: Outdoors, old photos, dyed hair, ugly dollz, daddy, rain rain go away.
March: friends, Opryland, Matt's birthday, Music Man, pajamas, iPods, creativity.
April: kittens, outdoors, cloudy skies, sunburns, candles, oranges, henna tattoos, v necks, stops signs, flowers, Alexis' house, Marco, Brian, trampoline photos, adventures with Matt, dollar general, mickey mouse graffiti, jumping over the creek, the pond, so exhausted.
May: More dyed hair, Phineas and Ferb, hello pool!, freckles, green eyes, sprinkler in the garden, eating raisins, missing Brian, sad nights, sad days, comas, MORE DYED HAIR, twloha, Austin, star trek, out too late, sneaking in, rainbows, swings, sunsets.
June: mid ohio, Ryan, Michael, Chelese, abandoned house, Kayla, more pool time, macro photos, soso hyper, creepy spiders.
July: Kayla, buttons, chocolate, (pg-13), spongebob!, speed limit 13, face painting, adorable kids, funny faces, Kirk's photoshoot, so many converse, NICOLENICOLENICOLE!, Lake Ontario, jumping photos, heart hands, superman, such big waves, pretty ducks, sunset, singing, Niagara Falls, creepy birds, maid of the mist, ahhh my camera, Cedar Point, Malloree, the ferris wheel, little kid rides, scraper faces, ABC, it didnt rain at all.
August: plaid, stay positive, school starting, lots of studying, days at home, wet hair, not much happened.
September: the scene aesthetic, ERIC!, ANDREW!, it's your birthday, happy birthday!, Stephen Jerzak, 15th birthday, Kayla Kendall, 1AM swimming, cheeseburger cupcakes, hammock photos, sleeping in, more school.
October: bleached hair, purple hair, scene hair, big brother, flowers, gates, Aunt Jane, funny faces, silly dances, tons of new hair, fall retreat, rain rain rain, zip line, pumpkins, halloween.
November: bangs, plaid, homeworkhomeworkhomework, sleeping in, seeing no friends, shopping a lot, buying a dress, toms shoes, happy thanksgiving!, pigging out, pumpkin pie, chess pie, lacking so much motivation.
December: shopping, girls retreat, such pretty snow, breakdowns, fire, three Jessica's, signs, HA!, mid-terms, not failing, no heat, freezing weather, christmas shopping.

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