Friday, August 07, 2009

Seven years.

I miss you more than anything. Especially in times like these. I wish I could just call you, and tell you what's going on. And you say you love me. And that it'll all be okay. I want you here right beside me.
August 7th 2002.
Honestly, I remember this day clearer than any other day in my entire life. I have this reoccurring nightmare, and I had it this night. Im trapped inside this endless maze. A building. All darkness. A couple of nooks here and there. No where to go except around and around, trying to find a way out. I'm always with my family, one of them is always being chased by someone, and is always right behind me. Saving me from whatever is chasing them. That night? Jason was following me. Being chased himself. (I'm not sure if that makes sense) I was running around this maze, I found a closet. I ran into it, shut the door. The footsteps stopped. No more noise, except me breathing. Then the closet door opened, I screamed. Jason was there to save me. But, whatever was chasing him, and me, killed him. Shot him with a gun. In the background there was a phone ringing. I woke up. Drenched in sweat. Home phone, ringing. My dad answered. Called me and my brother downstairs. He told Justin what happened. Justin told me. I burst into tears. I didnt understand. I thought maybe I was just having another dream. But I wasnt..

Rest in Peace, Jason. Forever in our hearts.

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