Saturday, July 18, 2009

Canada and other rantings.

Canada was amazing. Better than I ever thought it could be. I got close to so many people I've never even pictured myself being friends with, and I actually feel like I belong somewhere.
Though this feeling may not last long, I like it for the moment. Camp is just around the corner. Hopefully it is just as good as Canada was.

Hey you, I miss you. I know I say it a million times a day, and I think it more than that. But I do. I miss us talking constantly and knowing everything going on in each others lives. I miss us being best friends.
Hey you, I really care about you. I want to lay with you and know everything about you. All your secrets, and what makes you tick. What makes you the happiest, what you love. Everything. It wont change how I feel about you one bit. Just be honest with me.
Hey you, you're a cool person. We get each other. I told you all my secrets this week. I havent felt that close to a person in months, maybe about a year. I dont know anymore. But thanks for already being a great friend.
Hey you, I really cant stand your existence.

That is all I have to say.

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