Monday, September 21, 2009


You don't have to speak because I can hear your heartbeat fluttering like butterflies searching for a drink. You don't have to cover up how you feel when you're in love. I always know I'm not enough to even make you think. Please slow down girl. We're moving way too fast for their world. We've gotta make this last. I know it hurts to feel so all alone. I'm by myself, more than you could know.

That is probably the most depressing song I have heard in my entire life, and it completely reminds me of you. There will be a day when you are no longer on my mind every single second of everyday. I will not worry about what you are doing, or what would be happening if you were at my house right that second with me. But until that day I would just like you to know that you really do mean a whole lot to me, and every second that we talked were some of the greatest times I have had with a friend in a long time. I wish we could go back, and I wish we could just figure out where it all went wrong in the first place.

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